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I have been a client of Mary Beth’s for a few years
now. After my ZeroBalancing treatments I walk away
feeling relaxed, in less pain or discomfort, as well as
more mindful of how my body works and how to improve
it. I am grateful for the time I spend with Mary Beth.

Mary Ellen G.

As an occupational therapist with an aging body, I am well versed in the benefits and limitations of traditional therapy. After trying physical therapy several times to address chronic neck and lower back issues without lasting improvement, I decided to try an alternative approach a friend recommended. Zero Balancing done with Mary Beth’s “magic hands” gently addressed issues of malalignment and tension to relax and lengthen muscles, ligaments and tendons with lasting benefits of reduced muscular achiness in my problematic areas as well as overall relaxation. I looked forward to my sessions and, as I improved, my less frequently needed tuneups. Mary Beth is an experienced, intuitive practitioner who is highly recommended.

Ellen F
Not only is Mary Beth a wonderfully intelligent physical therapist, but she is also a kind-hearted human being who will go to great lengths for your full recovery from any surgery, injury, illness, or pain you are going through physically and mentally.


Our ten year old daughter had been experiencing foot pain spanning a two year period due to growth issues combined with overuse. She had mixed results from traditional physical therapy elsewhere, but after one treatment session of Zero Balancing and Cold Laser Therapy with Mary Beth the pain disappeared and stayed away. Our family is so thankful to Mary Beth Curreri for putting our daughter back on the field.

Jackie E

I have been a client of Mary Beth’s for more than 15 years. My first appointment with her was when I had a back injury in high school. I popped my rib out in a sports game and I credit Mary Beth and her zero balancing treatment for my healing. She has an incredible energy about her that puts my mind and body in balance. Whether it be for a tweak in my body or just a wellness check, I always leave Mary Beth feeling refreshed and relaxed, looking forward to another treatment.

Sarah B

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