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Mary Beth Curreri  PT, CZB 
BS Physical Therapy 1986 from Northeastern University.

Therapeutic Skills and Professional Associations

Throughout her Physical Therapy career, Mary Beth has dedicated herself to the study of manual therapies which support the body’s own capacity for healing. These techniques include myofascial release, craniosacral therapy, manual lymph drainage, and the modality most dear to her heart, Zero Balancing. This fondness for ZB led to certification in 1999 and eventual teacher training, which she completed in 2004.  

She also practices and teaches Pan Gu Qigong, a gentle and meditative exercise which promotes a quiet mind and improved health and well-being.  

She is a member of the Zero Balancing Health Association and Easton Chamber of Commerce. 

Quote from Mary Beth:
“The best part of this work is that it affords the individual the ability to sink deep within themselves, to heal from their center, and to emerge refreshed, restored, and energized for the future.”

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